Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Changing The Cirrus Project Website - Oh So Exciting!!!

Well dear fans of The Cirrus Project! Its been awhile coming but I am working on a new style of website for my magnum opus (or magnificent octopus as Baldrick calls it - from a very English brilliant piece of televisual comedy history for all my USA/World friends if you haven't heard of it) - one that will address the haphazard way I have written the blogs, putting them in the correct order of the story.

I have been quietly working on the core of the story without publishing anything on the blog - seemed daft to keep writing stuff just to keep pushing the name Cirrus Project without really dealing with the whole point of it - to release from my head the terror of the story some of which is based a actual real events, the rest a mixture of  rumours and all out lies!

I would appreciate ANY feedback as usually I get bugger all but then we are all busy, aren't we people! If you can RT this, it would be greatly appreciated...  

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