Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Debbie - An Excerpt From The Cirrus Project

Debbie was a worried woman. Normally Cristov was so punctual, punctual to the point of being anal about time. He seemed constantly clock watching making sure he was keeping to his own tight time table of life. She initially rejoiced in his time keeping, regaling her mother about the fact he turned up when he said he would; unlike all her previous british boyfriend's who only seemed to be after one thing with her. She was a free lover with a very high sex drive and desire to experiment. She soon gained a reputation once she left school for being one of the few girls that enjoyed anal sex, being spanked and then enjoying 2 men at the same time...her "fame" soon spread. Reviled by jealous girlfriends and gawped at by men too scared to ask her for a fuck, she moved out of the sleepy little village that had been home for many years to a much larger town.

It was just after she moved into her new accommodation she met and fell in love with Cristov a construction worker from the Ukraine. He was always smiling and treated her like she had never looked after before. All was going well until one day the police arrived at the site he was working on and rounded everyone up then took them away for interrogation. Turned out he had "forgotten" that he only had a 3 month work visa and had stayed for an extra 18 months longer than he should have.

She happened to be walking to the site taking his sandwiches she had just made for him when the police transit's screamed into the car park. One of the young coppers informed her that he was being taken to the local police station to be charged and then deported

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