Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Nazi Legacy - An Excerpt From The Cirrus Project

Towards the latter half of WW2, Hitler realised the tide was starting to turn on his previous triumphs. With the Americans in the war, their financial muscle combined with their scientists knowledge and capabilities made it all to aware that he needed an edge. An edge in the shape of one Klaus Raubenscholz to be precise.

Klaus had studied physics whilst at Stuttgart university in particular the effects of gravity upon certain metals and had started his own experiments which had eventually got him expelled after one of his creations had taken off through one of the university's ceilings...although off the course he then came to the attention of Hitler's scientific division. Given the much needed money to purchase expensive tools and materials, he started to make head way into developing a material that was more resistant to the effects of gravity; able to push past the gravity barrier it seemed to glide like a knife through butter.

He was given Jewish prisoners of war to help construct a flying disk and use them as his un-cooperative guinea pigs in what ever way he chose. They were mainly used to manufacture the exterior and interior of the craft; accidents were common place - fingers, toes and eyes were often lost during the construction, so much so that the prisoners attempted a break out from the quarters they had to live in. It failed...

They were rounded up and taught a very valuable lesson that day - a husband and wife were selected and told to stand in front of the massed ranks of their co workers. They were each given a gun with one round in the chamber. They were both told to shoot each other but when it came to it neither could pull the trigger on their loved one. The Commandant then turned to the nearest prisoner, put his gun to his head and blew his brains out; fragments of bone and tissue splattered against the next person. Upon seeing this they both pulled their respective triggers. Nothing.

The Commandant then chuckled. "You now know we mean what you say - work hard for us and you will live - defy us and die"  

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