Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Death By Electrocution - An Excerpt From The Cirrus Project

It was plain to see. The sign clearly said that death by electrocution was entirely possible (and probable). It didn't say however that the guards could hold you down and connect a lead from a generator straight to a man's scrotum and run a high charge which would within 20 seconds of being switched on catch his penis on fire and burn the rest of him to death within a minute. 

Dr Malus has designed the generator to cope with more power whilst in was being used in a mobile platform for his experimental ufo's as an alternative to the radiation powered prototypes he had since developed. The radiation was stored in unbreakable core cylinders and was ejected if there was a leak of radiation otherwise the whole aircraft could have turned into an unstable mini nuclear reactor liable to explode at any point. He had been able to convince the necessary people his system was safe and reliable. 

On the outside of the cylinder was a cover of charged particles acting as a containment field to the inner section which held the radiation. He has found that using a fluctuating power supply it then caused the particles to zig zag thus creating a force field. One day when a group of scientists were sent to recover of the first manned aircraft that had crashed shortly after take off, one of the "pilots" had tried to escape by rushing to the back of the lorry where the generator was sat. As he touched one of the main power cables, it shorted and ran the charge through his arm. He screamed in pain as his arm simply caught fire within a matter of seconds and his whole body then combusted within a further 20 seconds which blood, bone and other body parts flying in all directions! Dr Malus later delightfully told his fellow scientist it was like watching a human catherine wheel going off...    

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