Tuesday, 4 August 2015

An Unwelcome Present Part FOUR - An Excerpt From The Cirrus Project

Getting into the base hadn't been easy for Terry but then he knew it wasn't going to be by the amount of money Peterson was promising him for the plans he had ordered him to steal. They were plans for a new type of camoflage Dr Malus was supposed to have perfected based onto the existing "invisisuit" certain sections of the special forces had that used small tiles that took the image of whatever was the background behind the wearer and projecting that onto all of the tiles on the front of the suit so that it tricked anyone else into not seeing the camoflagued person as it appeared that you were looking right through them.

He had set up a spike to disturb the systems computers that monitored the alarms and door locks enabling him to move more easily about the base. He knew the plans would be stored in Malus's personal office but with very sketchy layout plans he was unsure of where he was in relation to where the office might actually be. He felt a very strange sense of foreboding the further he went into the facility - more than the usual bumping into a security guard and having to use force to escape. Not that that bothered Terry; in fact he quite enjoyed it...another perk of his job.

As he crept along each corridor deeper into the body of the building he saw less guards and the door locks were getting more heavy duty; this perturbed him too. As he went past yet another laboratory he noticed an object led on the table. He tried the door handle and found to his surprise that it wasn't locked. Silently he entered the room. The room was brightly lit with big overhead lighting fizzing away. As he approached the object he realised that it was a man but with half his face missing. Curiousity got the better of him so he stooped to look closer. It was a man in his 30's - the left side of his face was normal but the right eye was missing and some of the brain too but it had been replaced with minature electronics and he could see a small circuit board embedded into the brain.

Suddenly the left eye sprung open and the human groaned and twitched causing Terry to jump in fear. He swung his arm out to steady himself and sent a tray of glass specimen jars to crash to the floor. Whatever was in the jars was flammable and they send a huge ball of flame to the ceiling. Alarms started to sound, there were shouts from guards in the distance and Terry panicked and started to run for the door. As he got to the door it was suddenly wrenched open from outside and there stood another gentically altered human
staring at him. It looked even more hideous than the one on the table. It hissed at him, lunging for Terry's face. It was all Terry could do not to gag at the foul apparition. Terry threw a fist at it which connected with its remaining part of the head. A normal human would have gone down under the weight of the punch but then this thing wasn't human anymore. It slapped his hand away like someone swotting a fly. Terry fell forward and as he did so the creature delivered a blow to his back that was so powerful it broke his spine and snapped like a twig. He screamed in pain unable to move. The creature jumped on his back and put its hands round his head...and started to pull. Terry screamed like a baby unable to do anything...he cried out for his mother just as the inhuman human pulled his head and spinal column straight from his body like a fishmonger de-boning a fish. Blood, bone fragments and intestines all fought to cover the laboratory floor.

Dr Malus was down within 30mins of the incident to evaluate the break in. "Such a shame I didn't get chance to question before his head was ripped off!" he laughed to one the security guards "still I may get some answers from his brain". After attaching a lead to frontal lobes of Terry's severed head he was able to pick up partial brain waves which acted like recordings of certain important information. He was able to pull from it just one name - Peterson. As Dr Malus had access to all the major crime bureau's finger print records he was also able to pull Terry's name from that plus who he worked for...

A week later he very carefully arranged a present for Mr Peterson while he was at his daughters school play.

As Peterson watched his scientist open the package handed to him at the school play he wondered quite what it was and just as importantly who had sent it. As the package was opened it contained a cold cylindrical tube which had ice on the outside of it. After the ice was brushed off Peterson noticed something floating inside...turned out to be Terry's right eye...      


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  1. Juicy !, A little more description of the modified humans would be a great touch.