Thursday, 18 June 2015

Scarecrow Woods Part Two - Excerpt From The Scarecrow Woods

She picked herself up, pulling her loose garments back into place, stumbling as her legs didn't want to answer the helm. The story goes that she was eventually found by a passing stage coach that whisked her back to the nearest village where she was attended by the local doctor who confirmed her suspicions that she had indeed been raped. As the crowds gathered around the police station there was only talk of who could have committed this heinous crime. Soon people began to say it was Tim Fletcher dressed up as one of his scarecrow creations due to her only recollection of the figure being that it wore a straw hat. The police Sergeant tried in vain to calm the congregation of irate villagers to leave it to his men to arrest Tim but the mood was ugly and they wanted revenge.

The main ringleader was Barnaby Coruthers, a vile and twisted urchin of a man. He was despised by most of the locals as he was the spoilt annoying offspring of a very wealthy farmer who owned a number of farms in the area, one of which was near to the wood where Tim lived. Barnaby hated Tim with a passion ever since Tim gave him a sound beating after he caught Master Coruthers sexually abusing Victoria, Barnaby's younger sister. One day as he was walking through the wood on his way to work Tim had heard a young girl screaming nearby and on entering a clearing he spied him forcing his hands up the girls petticoat to reach her delicate breasts which he grabbed and scratched. By the time he got to them, Barnaby was rubbing his sister's vagina excitedly with his hands, his stiffness very evident by the large bulge in his trousers. Tim roared with disgust as he ran charging at him and upon reaching the pair of them, he quickly grabbed him by the throat and threw to the ground. Barnaby sprang to his feet but was quickly felled by a savage blow to his right cheekbone. He lay there aghast that he had been struck...afterall it was his sister and he always did what he liked..."How dare you strike me!" he shouted staring at Tim as if he was a madman. "My father will hear of this and I will make sure you and your family never work on our fields again!" Tim responded by another quick sharp blow this time to his nose. The bone shattered and blood splayed out in a burst of red. "You ever touch your sister or another girl like that again and I will come running for you and I will break your face apart!" Tim uttered through clenched teeth. He offered his hand to Victoria so she could stand up and noticed how calm the girl seemed now which he thought was so strange. There were no tears either which struck him as odd too.  Little did Tim know but it was a game the 2 of them played and greatly enjoyed...her tears excited Barnaby and egged him on. She would stop the game once he got too rough    


  1. A wonderfully woven mastery of words. This is brilliant. :)