Sunday, 17 May 2015

Scarecrow Woods Part One - An Excerpt From The Cirrus Project

To many born and bred Wiltshire residents the legend of Scarecrow Woods was just that - a legend, myth, old wives tale, something to keep unruly children in check to stop an errant child from mis-behaving. Over the centuries the story had been passed down so many times with bits forgotten and sections added but the core story remained.

Back in the year 1647 Tim Fletcher was an odd job man that lived in the woods in a run down cottage with his parents. When they died the cottage passed to him. Amongst the various works he carried out for the villagers including carpentry and metal works he also made all the scarecrows for the all the farmers. He had been trained by his father in their construction - both were legendary as every farmer praised their creations as the birds never disturbed a field if they were positioned there so much so that the locals gossiped they scared the birds to death. One day according to the stories, a young woman from out of the area went walking in the woods and not knowing them found that she was lost in its dark foreboding enclosure. She become aware that someone was following her - she heard the snap of branches as someone stalked her getting ever closing to her position. She called out asking who was there? No reply.

She started to become fearful of her safety and began pleading with the mystery being to leave her be but again no reply. She then heard heavy breathing behind her so started to run. The footsteps behind her turned into a gallop, gaining ever closer. As she tried to look round she saw a figure wearing a straw hat running after her. She then tripped over a fallen branch, lost her footing and hit her head and fell unconscious to the ground. When she awoke she was alone in the dark but immediately found a searing pain in and around her vagina and quickly found her panties had been ripped away exposing her legs and groin. Her breasts were stinging and bleeding with what looked like bite marks all around her nipples. As she staggered to her feet she felt a sticky substance weep from her vagina. She reeled and nearly fell again as the realisation hit her that she had been raped as she had been unconscious!

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