Sunday, 31 May 2015

An Unwelcome Present Part ONE - UPDATED - An Excerpt From The Cirrus Project

Terry Rae was the man people turned to after the usual routes of diplomacy had been exhausted. Although only a few of his trusted contacts knew his identity, his reputation went before him. Kicked out from the army after being caught lifting a few million  from an Iraqi bank during the US invasion, robbed of his army pension and rank he had decided the straight and narrow was no longer an option. His ability to break into offices and other secure locations kept him in an luxurious lifestyle - industrial espionage paid very well thank you very much!

He did alot of work for Peterson European Industries which mainly involved breaking into a factory and seeking out plans of the latest innovation surveillance or defensive equipment as word quickly spread as to who was developing what and which government was funding said item.

He had heard of the strange and elusive Dr Malus - the man sounded almost mythical in the hushed and reverend tones in which he was spoken about by his fellow peers. The odd thing was no one had managed to penetrate his establishment; there wasn't one report of his operations being compromised. This was put down to him having a very tight security net set up around his premises in Wiltshire. When Mr Peterson himself came to Terry's apartment he knew it must be an important "job" for Terry to carry out...

Mr Peterson was always dressed immaculately in pinstripe suit with a white handkerchief  carefully folded into his breast pocket. His Bentley drew up in the drive and his 2 security minders got out and walked behind him to the door. 10 minutes they left after Peterson briefed Terry on his latest assignment plus a down payment of £10k with a further £50,000 promised if he could find the plans Peterson had heard about. Life was going well thought Terry. But that was about to change...

After checking into the local Travel Lodge, he went for a meal in the centre of Devizes. He plumbed for the gastro pub that promised a 3 course meal plus pint for £9.99p - wet and warm he thought as the last of pint slipped down his throat - both the food and the drink! "Would Sir like to fill out a costumer survey online? You have a chance of winning a £1000 in a monthly draw!" the waiter dutifully told him, carefully remembering the script they were all taught in the monthly training courses.

He picked up a map of the local area although he knew the laboratory where Dr Malus worked wasn't noted on it - not even the aerial spy plane photos could penetrate its airspace (something always happened to the drones just as they came within 300 yards of the place...

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