Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Early Draft From Chapter 2 - Another Excerpt From The Cirrus Project

Then Bert remembered the charts that were kept in the special room in the house – the downstairs toilet. Pinned to the side of the wall next to the spare bog rolls and bleach was an A4 piece of paper all divided up into locations, dates, ticks and crosses all written in a bright blue ink. “Ahhh thats right its up on Scarecrow Hill he was supposed to be going all this month” Bert said after scanning his friends meticulous handwriting. “He sits up there for hours on end looking for ufo’s, plus courting couples!”  and he chuckled one of his extra special Sid James dirty laughs. “He’s seen some right sights and no mistake up there!!!” he carried on. He winked at Duncan and grinned even broader than normal. You know whats the other side of Scarecrow Hill don’t you, you dirty bugger! Duncan felt himself going scarlet at this point, realizing that Bert had heard the rumours of Duncan being cautioned by the police for being involved with a number of other local people all caught for “obscene activities in a public place” or dogging as its usually known. “Now look Bert...” Duncan started to point his finger at him (which only caused the older man to rock with laughter) “I was investigating reports of people meeting there for casual sex so people a reporter that’s why i was there to print a story about such a happening for our readers to be informed of! There was nothing more to that than that! As I was about to leave the police turned up and wrongly assumed my intentions! I explained all this to the Chief Constable and straightened it out with him and nothing more was said. 

“Well I ‘eard different... I was told by one of the bobbies you were being sucked off by some busty blonde whilst ‘er husband was wanking his cock” gleefully replied Bert with tears rolling down his face his face reddening with laughter. “Mind you, you still had your pad in your hand so I suppose you were still working!” . Duncan still regretted to this day his involvement that night.

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