Saturday, 14 March 2015

Randomness Of My Cirrus Project Posts - An Apology???

Many years ago something happened to me that caused this book (indirectly) - a true event not one being completely made up. Subsequent chats about the incident with my friends and family only garnered quizzical looks - they didn't know whether to believe me - thought I was either making it up or mistaken in my beliefs of the situation. Upon talking to someone else though gave me an entirely different outlook; one that actually genuinely scared me the further this person (not saying if female or male) told me tales connected to it - first hand knowledge that they had. This person's identity will never be revealed to protect them. All sounds very sceptical and far fetched doesn't it - its not. The German scientists during the WW2 weren't the only ones to experiment on people in an inhuman way...its still going on behind very closed doors.

The "apology" is because my excerpts from the story are all over the place, never written in the right order and to be honest with you dear reader, they have completely expanded the original story/book I sat down and wrote the outline of many years ago. I never had any belief that my story was any good. Never had any belief in my story writing capabilities and that would be interesting to anyone else but myself but through the love and encouragement of a very special person in my life I took their advice and decided to share it on here. The comments from people like +bleedingcritic™  @RiversofGrue @aicforever @nylavox @crashpalace - to name but a few, have really helped me and pushed me on - thank you all of you    AT   


  1. You are too kind, and no apology necessary. As a fellow scribe I know that writing is a process and we all have to take our own path to get to that finished story. You write well: solid syntax, transitions, pace, and flow. So you are already where you need to be! WRITE ON!

  2. Wow! Thank you for your extremely kind and very helpful words of encouragement. I am starting to think whether what I am creating is more than a book's worth...any comments ALWAYS gratefully received!!!

  3. I agree with Billy, you are where you need to be! Continue on your path and you will find yourself with a finished story before you realize it. WRITE ON!

    1. Thank you Gillian! I certainly will although I am starting to wonder if I have 2 books worth of material...?