Sunday, 1 March 2015

Dissection - Dr Malus Style...Excerpt from The Cirrus Project

The light glinted against the cold steel blade as it was held to the powerful projector. The sparkle reflected back in Dr Malus's eye. Safety glasses were applied to stop the possible shower of blood that might emanate from the body he was about to dissect. Circles of red came from the marker pen making the target area look like a sleeve from a Sister Of Mercy's record. First to be removed was the "participants" fingers, each one carefully put into a small plastic box for possible re-use on another subject. He may have been a complete psychotic but Dr Malus never threw anything out if it had a possible re-use. Both hands were cut back to bloody stumps but the nerve endings were carefully left.

As he started to remove the left eyeball he noticed tears were streaming out of both eyes...he smiled at his victim, still alive but drugged just enough so that the pain didn't kill them. Inhuman,  cruel and thoroughly evil were just a few of the things his fellow scientists thought about him though were not stupid enough to voice their opinions about him; not directly anyway...

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