Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Scarecrow - Excerpt from The Cirrus Project

The scarecrow watched and listened as the wind howled and shrieked with laughter as it played with the plastic bag spinning, twisting, poking and pulling at it; making it soar ever higher as it careered against the trees. It roared in anger as the bag became entwined on a branch, its game temporarily halted as the bag was pierced on the tree. The wind screamed in annoyance ever harder, irritated with the tree for its interference in its game of blow football so it taught the oak a harsh lesson...the bough broke under the majestic pressure the wind poured onto it, snapped easily by one of natures most destructive forces.

The scarecrow had been sat watching the one sided battle with its head cocked to the left. It sat and waited patiently. Waited patiently for its next victim. It didn't know when its next victim would arrive but arrive they would. It didn't care who its next victim was either. Didn't care it would leave a family devastated. It didn't care about anything. It didn't think full stop. It just killed...


  1. Grim little fairytale. Really enjoyed, this would make a great full-length story. Scarecrows are wonderfully macabre. Write on my friend.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments! The scarecrow is part of the defences of Dr Malus's for keeping unwanted eyes from prying too much...the further I go with the writing of The Cirrus Project the more I am finding I like writing horrific situations. Just wait until the scarecrow pops up behind YOU next time you are in the countryside of Wiltshire...