Sunday, 15 February 2015

Johnny Depp - A Failure? NO!

There seems to be alot of Johnny Depp beating going on in the press at the moment due mainly to his recent films not doing particularly well at the box office. Is this partly down to the press not liking the fact that Mr Depp has changed partners to a younger model and nothing to do with his films? He might have decided to do the roles he wanted to play that weren't going to be very box office friendly - like an actor leaving a popular soap to instead tread the boards to a much smaller audience as he had got bored of the character he continually played on ITV1. I haven't seen all his films by any means - only the Captain Jack Sparrow blockbusters, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and Sleepy Hollow (brilliant performance in that as Ichabod Crane) oh and as himself in The Fast Show. Oh suits you! Well Johnny if you are reading this (or his mates) please let him know that when I eventually finish The Cirrus Project and release it as a book and it gets turned into a film he can have whatever part he likes in it - apart from Dr Malus as I have already promised that to the another acting legend Mr John Challis...  


  1. I Love it Cirrus, give us MORE!!

  2. Your wish is my command oh sexy one! More to follow...

  3. Replies
    1. When life stops interrupting me I will write further...Thank you Gillian and Nyla - your comments really spur me on!!!