Sunday, 23 November 2014

Haunted Comedy Genuis - Lee Evans - A Personal Opinion

I like Lee Evans - his shows always make me laugh. When I saw he was due on the Jonathan Ross show I tuned in not knowing the dramatic news he was about to unleash. The signs were there from the very start. As soon as I saw him pretending to wash the "windows" I knew he was hiding...hiding himself and his real personality. Most viewers thought he was just being wacky - typical Lee Evans but I knew instantly he is a very shy man who hides behind comedy. Too scared to just go on as himself so he hid behind the window cleaning act. I remember when the great Peter Sellers went on Parky's chat show wearing a german nazi helmet - everyone thought "oh that's Peter being nuts" but many years on Parky revealed that Peter had been too scared just to walk on the set as himself and hid behind the laughs the helmet created. Such a shame so many comedy genius's are so beset with self doubt that they aren't really funny; Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, John Cleese, Tommy Cooper, Tony Hancock and Lee Evans. Fingers crossed that after a couple of years off Lee feels happy to come back to comedy and making millions laugh

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