Thursday, 30 October 2014

Dr Malus Part 1 - Excerpt From Cirrus Project. John Challis to play Dr Malus?

The new prisoners were man-handled into a large brightly lit laboratory, steel sinks shining under the lights, the smell of powerful cleaning liquids hung in the air like some vast ultra clean non NHS hospital. Dr Malus stood quietly watching each and every man that was now being lined up by the guards. He was thin and wiry with a shock of white hair, age approx mid 50's and dressed in a black tunic, piercing blue eyes that seemed to burn through the silence that now fell in the room. There was a gentle thrum of computers sucking in air to try and keep their hard drives cool, competing against the vast air conditioning units that were equally gulping down the already re-circulated air. A cruel sneer sat on his face as though he had been born with it. He took a step closer to the line of men then quietly spoke. "Escape from here is futile. Anyone trying to escape will be dealt with most severely; fatally infact!" 


  1. Only Fools And Zombies!!!

  2. Oh yes there's lots of zombies ready to chew on the fools that try and break into the lair of Dr Malus...