Monday, 27 October 2014

Dirty Bank Manager Part Two - Excerpt from Cirrus Project

As he stood the other side of the door peering in, masturbating furiously she suddenly sprung up from the bed and as the old man fumbled trying to retrieve his dignity she carefully took hold of his erect cock and slowly led him to the bed where she stopped and patted the bed indicating for him to sit down. The old man duly did, his eyes huge in wonderment as to what was going to happen next. She knelt down on her knees her hand gently rubbing his erect penis up and down. He groaned in pure excitement as she then opening her mouth and slowly took his member in her moist mouth and slowly started to bob her head up and down his shaft. Every now and then she would stop, remove his penis from her mouth and slowly and playfully run her tongue down the outside of his cock and look him full in the eye and wink...the 3rd time she did that he could not contain himself anymore and hot dollops of sperm hit the back of her throat which she greedily and noisily accepted. The old man led back on the bed his arms folded, his breath deep, still not believing what had just happened to him. 

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