Sunday, 7 September 2014

Fear - Real Fear

Fear is a very powerful emotion. It can draw more energy and strength sometimes more than love itself (some consider love the most powerful of all emotions). Fear can drag you down and hold you back - fear comes from so many sides, many all hidden away in your head. Most people know what fear is hidden away - fear that they have chosen to lock there, hopefully secure and un-obtainable. Mine I locked away many years, sealed in a vault with only me accessible to the key that would unleash its secrets and major fear is to let someone else in there. Scared that they will see what your fear is; frightened that it will scare them away from you. So you build a box, a casket so strong that none can enter not unless you wish them too but they have to be a very special person as you have to trust them to be able to look into that box, understand whats in there and more importantly understand why whats in there is in there...if you can find someone that you allow in there and they still want to be with you then you are a truly lucky person...and I am truly a lucky person

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