Sunday, 7 September 2014

Eric Idle - A Hero Says No

Via the medium of Twitter I have (briefly) spoken/tweeted to the great man himself @EricIdle in which I asked him whether he would ever want a small/large part in the (possible) film adaption of my (un)finished book - should I ever bloody finish it, it be any good, then be successful enough to be turned into a film. Lots of ifs and buts I know but you have to dream...

I asked the legend that is Mr Idle if he would consider a part in the film...he reservedly replied "No fuck off as filming is boring..." - he might change his mind you never have to dream don't you...

ps. I should add I don't blame him and in no way has it altered by perception of this king of comedy and I still very much admire him


  1. Eric Idle is a LEGEND!

  2. Eric Idle doesn't see himself as a legend - just another human being. A human being that has made millions laugh and stopped them for awhile from remembering how crap their lives were/are - that makes him a legend in my book. Eric - if you are reading this - apologies...