Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dirty Bank Manager - Excerpt From The Cirrus Project

To the outside world Desmond Reynolds was your usual overweight balding bank manager. Red faced and with an obvious whiskey drinkers port coloured nose he was yet another old man filled with his own self importance. Unbeknown to most of the town's folk of Marlborough, Desmond Reynolds was a sadistic pervert who thought all women were beneath him in terms of ability, intelligence and business acumen. Through his position of  being the town's major bank (he didn't approve or think much of Barclays)  he was able to help businesses grow and flourish but in some instances cause them to flounder...if he so wished. He was careful and shrewd with what businesses he helped and would usually be correct in backing someone with the bank's money. Because of this his superiors gave him greater powers and freedom to choose who to loan money to - a dangerous thing to grant to man who was such a bastard when it came to women. It had started many years ago when the wife of local shop keeper came to see him to beg for an extension to their overdraft. Their trade had suffered after a patch of dodgy kippers had given 3 people food poisoning and they lost trade because of it. They needed a quick injection of funds to diversify the produce they were selling. Knowing they were right at the agreed overdraft limit, she went behind her husband's back in order to secure the funds. She had heard from one of the bank staff that Desmond had "wandering hands" and used to enjoy pinching the women's bottoms and brushing past them when they were by the copier, slowly rubbing his crotch against them. Some enjoyed it and the rewards it brought, some did not and complained; they quickly found it was best to keep their mouths shut or find another job. When he saw the lady rush into the bank dabbing at her eyes with a handkerchief he had an inkling as to what it was about. In a town like Marlborough you got to hear everyone's dirty washing pretty quickly. Sarah Richardson was a tall elegant raven haired beauty whose pretty face instantly caught any passer by - she was pretty and she knew it. She had carefully married into money by selecting the local egg farmers son - his father had a big farm with lots of land and everything was going to the lad once the old man popped his clogs. He had had a couple of strokes already when she moved in with the pair of them. She decided to bring the old man onto his 3rd heart attack by letting him catch her naked coming out of the shower then leaving the bedroom door open wide enough to watch her satisfy herself with a big black dildo. She knew he was there watching...she could hear his groans of desire as he struggled to undo the belt to his trousers and pull his trousers and pants down so that he could release the pressure that built up in his penis.   

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