Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dear Old Lady - Excerpts from The Cirrus Project (Chapter 3)

Doris had been blind for many years, ever since she had got diabetes which had quickly robbed her of her sight. She had quickly got used to her house and surroundings so as to know where to lean whilst trying to avoid bumping into the furniture but things had become so much worse since her hearing went as well. The cosy environment of the house had altered; become more alien to her - she couldn't hear her stick as it knocked against the wooden kitchen floor, the patter of the rain into the conservatory roof, the gentle cawing of the crows as the daylight started to fade. Not that her sight would have helped her though the day the creature came many respects its just as well her sight had gone as she would have panicked seeing its grotesque face pressed against her sitting room window. Its eyes filled with black hatred at anything that was living...


  1. Where's Doris???

  2. That’s really creepy, I can visualise that from a horror film, it is visually very very strong.