Sunday, 23 February 2014

Will Anyone Read This? Comments PLEASE!!!

Each time I type a blog its either part of the story or my view on something that's happened in the news. Each time a number of followers/friends on Twitter will re-tweet my latest blog and I am very appreciative to them for doing so BUT what I would really like is someones actually thoughts/comments on it. Sure someone looking at my blog will boost the page views but it doesn't tell me if someone is enjoying the teasers from the book so therefore I don't know if it will sell when its finished. That's my grand plan with this book - sell enough copies that a big Hollywood producer (Quentin Tarantino etc) or maybe England's answer to him Mark Kenna might want to turn it into a please people - give me your thoughts on ANY of my blogs so far....please

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  1. Hi, thought I'd feedback my thoughts on your blog as you've asked so nicely and maybe it will help a little to know that you're blog is being read. First of all, I am slightly confused with the content on your blog as it tends to jump about quite a bit. You mention all the following which, as you may see can be slightly confusing:

    The Hunters
    The Watcher
    The Cirrus Project
    The Counter Strike
    Antics of a sexually perverted housewife.
    Devious lady
    UFO's Salisbury plain
    The Hunted

    I would like to see (and may help to focus) a summary of your project (s) so at a glance, we can instantly see what it is you're trying to do. What it is you're looking for. Secondly a little bio on yourself, your background and influences. Also, your posts are very text based, so an image per post would help to soften the blog posts and offer some visual stimulation, original or mood-boards, influential art or movie scenes would help, drawing parallels between your work and others out there.

    I know it's not much, but I hope it's a start. I would like to see your work progress and of course reach more people. I have made a quick summary below of your blog, which I had to read all the posts to understand what it is you are doing. I'm sure that you can do a better summary, but I think something like this would help.

    All the best,

    Cirrus Project - Sunmary
    Are all UFO's alien? A man's struggle to find the terrifying truth behind an organisation hell bent on creating the ultimate killing machines.

    In the coming months I hope to complete my first horror novel entitled "The Cirrus Project" which encompasses a story based on truth, half truths and complete fiction - but which is which?

    Based in Wiltshire on the Devizes Downs it deals with alien craft, mutated beings, a corrupt organisation and innocent humans caught in the middle....

    I started reading James Hebert's books years ago - I had heard rumours of how naughty some of the sex scenes he described were from friends but nothing prepared me for how explicit the horror and gore were going to be. I don't watch horror, but I am very visual, literal and erotic and heavily inspired by James Herbert.

    Well my story has both...with some naughty kinky sex too (such a filthy imagination helps when writing erotica!) The setting of the story is in Wiltshire - for a good reason too as thats where some of the true events of this story have actually happened...oh, and did I mention the legendary John Challis (aka Boycie in the British series Only Fools and Horses) has shown an interest in my lead evil character.