Sunday, 2 February 2014

Devious Lady Part 2 (Rough Draft) - Excerpts From "The Cirrus Project"

Once Julie had prised him away from his wife, she wasted no time in marrying him after the divorce was finalised so she could use his money to set up her business. With her new husband working away in London during the week she was able to slowly screw her way through her employees (both men and women) as well as certain important and useful clients. She began to find out invaluable secrets - like which older female clients were secretly bisexual women and then used her young women to entice the older ladies by having them spend a little longer rubbing their hands over their vagina's as they waxed them...she would watch via a spyhole or a discreet cam to watch the clients physical reactions as to whether they were turned on by it and then push ahead with more delicate probing with their fingers. Some of the targeted women were more easy to snare; they had quick success with Mrs Jung asking for a special home visit but was persuaded to come to the salon as she was promised she wouldn't be disturbed. When the lady arrived she found both the assistant Emma and Jane were both dressed in next to nothing. As they sat down she was given a glass of champagne (only mildly drugged with a relaxant) when both of them started to kiss and undress the wealthy client before all 3 were completely naked and soon both Jane and  Emma were taking turns in fingering  Mrs Jung. She was so wet that her pussy soon started to squirt juices which they both eagerly lapped up. All the time the camera's were rolling, recording every moan and orgasm...

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