Friday, 14 February 2014

Crows - Surely They Can't Be Dangerous - Can They? Excerpts From "The Cirrus Project" (Chapter 4)

As he sat there carefully reloading and taking aim at another crow as they sat in their nests, he noticed a few of them hopping down the branches lower to the ground, moving their heads from side to side as if they were searching for something. "Stupid bloody birds" he chuckled to himself as they came closer to him. As he was looking through the sights of the air rifle he started to notice that there seemed to be more crows looking around and getting closer to his position even though he was shooting at them! Surely they ought to be frightened by the noise...they were making an awful cackling din with their squawking. Then suddenly there seemed to be an explosion of black feathers, the sky appeared filled with their black bodies. At this point the lad's nerve broke and he decided to run. He picked up his torch and quickly slung his rifle over his shoulder then made a bolt for his bike. The crows spotted him run instantly from his cover, their quarry braking cover and they seemed to screech with delight. As he raced through the trees the flying beasts from hell descended upon him... 


  1. Dangerous it!

  2. It’s a bit like Hitchcock’s The Birds. Nice imagery and the speed of narrative picks up with the pace of the action