Friday, 17 January 2014

Roger Lloyd Pack aka Trigger DAVE

This post has nothing to do with my story - nothing whatsoever. To some people that may seem pointless. To some people in America they might not know who Trigger is. To the British however, he is simply more than just a hero; a hero to every English man woman and child - us Brits all know a Trigger, we are friends with a Trigger and you can certainly spot them in the street.

Roger Lloyd Pack the actor played the part with commensurate ease - he was an incredibly intelligent man but I'm sure he never felt the part was beneath him. And now Roger has died. Alot of my heroes are dying and its only going to get worse as I get older and as its my blog I wish to say farewell to him. When you see him on Only Fools And Horses (and Vicar Of Dibley too) his appearance will be a mixture of joy and sadness - joy that what you are watching is so funny but sadness that you know this great actor is now dead and you can never meet him, shake his hand and tell him how much you enjoyed watching him in said programme and for half an hour you forgot the problems in your life...RIP Trigger

PS So nice to see the tribute to Roger on the Sports Relief Only Fools clip with David Beckham...think Mr Beckham was actually very, seriously I do! 

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