Saturday, 25 January 2014

James Herbert - An Inspiration

I started reading James Hebert's books years ago - I had heard rumours of how naughty some of the sex scenes he described were from friends but nothing prepared me for how explicit the horror and gore were going to be. When I first read The Fog (having thought the American film of the same name was based on Herbert's book) I was shocked how i could "see" the images he had so wonderfully "painted" with his words. He made the characters so real that you actually read the book hoping that nothing untoward was going to happen to them (if only that soldier had looked to the side of him in the tunnel - for example). In The Rats I visualised the rats splitting open the heads to eat the brains...revolting but so readable! If my story ends up 1% as entertaining as his books i will be a very happy person!  

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  1. James Herbert was a great novelist its true