Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Counter Strike - ROUGH Draft Excerpts From "The Cirrus Project" PLUS Clue...(Chapter 20)

In the instant the lazer beam spat out its deadly green ray of destructive energy the first five soldiers fell into a crumbled heap; a mishmash of twisted limbs and other body parts. Two dropped without making a sound, the other three screamed in agony as the beam sliced through the flimsy bodies. Arms that had been holding guns to their shoulders were now lying on the ground turning it crimson with its vital liquid pouring from its still smoking shell. One of the soldiers had the beam pass cleanly through his eye making it explode all over his face. He would have cried in anguish had it not been for the fact the lazer punched through his eyeball deep into his brain and fried all the nerve endings extinguishing the life of this brave young man. The soldiers may have been Special Operatives and had specialist training from the ultimate fighting force in the world, the SAS, but nothing could have prepared them for this. Operative 87 had been stood slightly behind  the first line of his compatriots but had knelt just before the attack started. He gingerly started to move, trying to see who from his platoon was still alive and capable of carrying on the mission. The overpowering stench of frying flesh mixed with the pitiful cries of the severely injured comrades was almost too much for his stomach to take and the urge to spew the fluid rising in his chest burning the back of his throat was intense.