Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Antics Of A Sexually Perverted Housewife - Rough Draft Excerpts From "The Cirrus Project"

.........she had to look away and suppress her laughter at the look on his face when  she playfully stroked his cock with her stockinged feet moments later. He could barely get through his lunch without blushing as his heart was pounding with the carnal thoughts he was having of this nubile femme fatale...She made him lay down on the bed telling him how he must obey her every instruction otherwise she would immediately stop.

She slipped her hands inside his boxers and gently touched his cock. He moaned with immense delight and it started to grow with her careful manipulations. He moaned as her lips encased the head of his cock so she smacked him hard on his thigh and warned if he made another sound she would punish him further.

The rhythmic bobbing of her head up and down created a vacuum with her mouth and after a couple of minutes she felt his cock swell, jerk and start to spasm, he pumped his seed into her mouth which she greedily sucked and swallowed feeling its hot trail coat her throat and beyond...

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