Thursday, 26 September 2013

A Message From A True Legend And Huge UK Actor - John Challis

John Challis - best know among the UK and English speaking countries for playing Boycie on Only Fools And Horses but also played the real evil character of Scorby in the classic Dr Who episode of Seeds Of Doom (along side Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen) - has not only been kind enough to chat via Twitter but also read my posts so far on here BUT also expressed an interest to play the lead evil character should my story ever reach the silver screen...sounds all too far fetched doesn't it I can hear you all say...however if you don't stretch out for the stars you will NEVER reach them so why not try? I have nothing to lose and so much to gain. So thank you to John - whether it comes off or I sound like a prick with an over inflated ego of what I can actually achieve - his kind words have made me even more determined to succeed...

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  1. I like your writing :) AC

  2. Thank you! Other commitments seems to be taking over at present but I will be back with updates to this site...what would you like to see or know about this story....?