Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Its Been Awhile

Its been awhile that I have written directly to this website, due mainly to problems and issues beyond my control. I have also been writing the next chapters to the story which have taken far longer than I had originally thought it would. I have found once I start the words just flow and I am 6 sentences ahead all the time. I will publish soon the newly constructed chapters

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Dr Malus - The Myth's Behind The Man - An Excerpt From The Cirrus Project

Where did he come from? How did he get to be one of the most feared and revered scientists of his generation? My book will tell you some of the answers and some it won't. It might even tell you whether Dr Malus is actually human or whether he is really an alien? If he is indeed an alien which planet has he come from? How did he arrive on earth? Was he sent here deliberately or did he crash land? If he is human none of that will be answered...

People that work for him are divided into 2 categories as to if he is human. Most that have seen him operate on people say he cannot be human as he is too 'inhuman' to his subjects; others just say he is the sickest, most driven person that has been put on this planet. Man, woman or beast he will medically alter anyone he choses to; lets hope he doesn't come across you...

Friday, 9 September 2016

The Scarecrow Woods

Creators Notes to my adoring public...LOL - I have been distracted with other projects but I am back on this now and after careful consideration I think The Scarecrow Woods is such a strong story it needs to be pulled from The Cirrus Project chapters and worked on separately - strong enough for a film - same as The Cirrus Project too. If you are out there @StephenKing have a quick butchers at my www.cirrusproject.com

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Debbie - An Excerpt From The Cirrus Project

Debbie was a worried woman. Normally Cristov was so punctual, punctual to the point of being anal about time. He seemed constantly clock watching making sure he was keeping to his own tight time table of life. She initially rejoiced in his time keeping, regaling her mother about the fact he turned up when he said he would; unlike all her previous british boyfriend's who only seemed to be after one thing with her. She was a free lover with a very high sex drive and desire to experiment. She soon gained a reputation once she left school for being one of the few girls that enjoyed anal sex, being spanked and then enjoying 2 men at the same time...her "fame" soon spread. Reviled by jealous girlfriends and gawped at by men too scared to ask her for a fuck, she moved out of the sleepy little village that had been home for many years to a much larger town.

It was just after she moved into her new accommodation she met and fell in love with Cristov a construction worker from the Ukraine. He was always smiling and treated her like she had never looked after before. All was going well until one day the police arrived at the site he was working on and rounded everyone up then took them away for interrogation. Turned out he had "forgotten" that he only had a 3 month work visa and had stayed for an extra 18 months longer than he should have.

She happened to be walking to the site taking his sandwiches she had just made for him when the police transit's screamed into the car park. One of the young coppers informed her that he was being taken to the local police station to be charged and then deported

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Zombie With A Shotgun Project

As I have mentioned in the past on my Twitter account I am not a fan of horror films; I don't like watching gore nor people being tortured, having bits sliced off them, eyeballs removed using vacuum cleaners or any other violence perpetrated using general domestic appliances. Seeing a woman in pain/abused/violated leaves a sick feeling in my stomach. I can however read about it and more importantly (for me) write it.

All my blogs to do with my story The Cirrus Project are hopefully promoting my story enough to firstly gain enough people to be interested in my story that has lived in my head for many years, secondly publish it (mainly as a sense of achievement and hopefully earning me some moolah) and thirdly I am big headed/delusional enough to think its good enough to be turned into a film that just about limps onto the Syfy channel on Sky at the graveyard shift at 3am...

But (lol - never start a new sentence with the word "But" my teacher would say) I want to also promote/mention my friends pushing Zombie With A Shotgun funding project - they have been so friendly/helpful and encouraging to someone they don't know nor will ever meet BUT thats not the point - they are helping me and its my turn to help them so please look at @ZOMBIEWASHOTGUN 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Flesh Eating Crows - Video From The Cirrus Project

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1pDBXn0yBI Video I took year or so ago...mind the crows now - they like flesh! One of Dr Malus's early experiments - using altered crows as his eyes and ears out in the forest. You would have thought with their minuscule brains they would be completely useless but Dr Malus is a very clever man...

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Nazi Legacy - An Excerpt From The Cirrus Project

Towards the latter half of WW2, Hitler realised the tide was starting to turn on his previous triumphs. With the Americans in the war, their financial muscle combined with their scientists knowledge and capabilities made it all to aware that he needed an edge. An edge in the shape of one Klaus Raubenscholz to be precise.

Klaus had studied physics whilst at Stuttgart university in particular the effects of gravity upon certain metals and had started his own experiments which had eventually got him expelled after one of his creations had taken off through one of the university's ceilings...although off the course he then came to the attention of Hitler's scientific division. Given the much needed money to purchase expensive tools and materials, he started to make head way into developing a material that was more resistant to the effects of gravity; able to push past the gravity barrier it seemed to glide like a knife through butter.

He was given Jewish prisoners of war to help construct a flying disk and use them as his un-cooperative guinea pigs in what ever way he chose. They were mainly used to manufacture the exterior and interior of the craft; accidents were common place - fingers, toes and eyes were often lost during the construction, so much so that the prisoners attempted a break out from the quarters they had to live in. It failed...

They were rounded up and taught a very valuable lesson that day - a husband and wife were selected and told to stand in front of the massed ranks of their co workers. They were each given a gun with one round in the chamber. They were both told to shoot each other but when it came to it neither could pull the trigger on their loved one. The Commandant then turned to the nearest prisoner, put his gun to his head and blew his brains out; fragments of bone and tissue splattered against the next person. Upon seeing this they both pulled their respective triggers. Nothing.

The Commandant then chuckled. "You now know we mean what you say - work hard for us and you will live - defy us and die"